NLP Algorithm Engineer/ Sofware Engineer-NLP

Usa usa california sf bay area, seattleWaUs

Company: HirelO

Job Summary:

Location: Usa/Usa/California/Sf Bay Area, Seattle

Work Model: Hybrid

Our team is responsible for developing state-of-the-art NLP/ML algorithms and strategies to improve user consumption experience, inspire merchants’ service quality and revenue, and build a fair and flourishing ecosystem on our E-commerce Platform. More specifically, our team is responsible for the algorithms of Intelligent Customer Service and Product Knowledge Graphs under company’s global e-commerce business.

Requirements What you will do:

•Participate in the development of AI customer service within the e-commerce ecosystem to help our sellers better serve our customers.

• Participate in the development of massive knowledge graphs of real-world products to support feed ranking, recommendations, and ads.

• Collaborate with product managers, data scientists, and the product strategy & operation team to define product strategies and features.


• Build an intelligent dialogue system, including mining questions and answers.

• Language understanding, including intention recognition, emotion recognition, FAQ, etc.

• Develop multilingual text generation such as products’ copy, dialogue summary, email reply, etc.

• Knowledge graph construction, including product/content/feedback understanding and category/brand/SPU construction.

• Construct knowledge graphs of buyers and products.


• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related technical field

• 2+ working experience in one of the following fields: machine learning, NLP, and computer vision

• Experience with software development in at least one of the following programming languages: C++, Python, Go, Java

• Good sense of teamwork and communication skills, practical experience in relevant business scenarios is preferred.

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What is NLP?

What is NLP?

Natural language processing What is natural language processing? Natural language processing, or NLP, is a field of artificial intelligence that focuses on the interaction between computers and humans using natural language. NLP is a branch of AI but is really a mixture of disciplines such as linguistics, computer science, and engineering. There are a number of approaches to NLP, ranging from rule-based modelling of human language to statistical methods. Common uses of NLP include speech recognition systems, the voice assistants available on smartphones, and chatbots.

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